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Irish Provider of Vapour Blasting & Environmentally Friendly Dry Ice (CO2) Blast Cleaning Services

Vapour Blasting

Vapour blasting is also known as wet blasting or aqua blasting. Essentially it is a non aggressive cleaning and re-finishing process for the removal of dirt & corrosion from non-ferrous metals & parts surfaces using a low pressure, but high volume water & round glass media mix.
​With metals such as Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Stainless steel, Titanium and Magnesium, vapour blasting is the best way to clean  those  corroded or stained parts to an "As New" or often better than new condition.
The process allows for the removal of corrosion and dirt without damage to the parts surface tolerances.
This is just one of the major advantages of the use of vapour blasting over conventional media blasting methods when restoring & cleaning parts.

Vapour blasting is a tedious & time consuming process. The operator needs to be extremely fastidious & meticulous.  Combined with the media type and compressed air volumes used it is a higher cost service to properly provide. Please do not allow yourself be mis-lead or confused into accepting other inferior & low quality processes that puport to be properly carried out vapour blasting. Such processes WILL destroy the appearance, finish & probably critical tolerances of the parts.


If you have any doubts, ask to see the equipment & media to be used on your parts.


We have two purpose built vapour blasting cabinets & use only high quality, regularly changed 200 - 300 micron round glass bead. Our extensive vapour blasting experience guarantees your parts will be re-finished to the highest standards without destruction or damage to critical tolerances.  

We provide  a rapid turnaround on parts delivered for vapour blasting.
We can also arrange competitively priced collection & delivery of your items.
Ideally items should be stripped before sending. We will do this otherwise at further cost.

Carburettors      Alternator    Dynamos    Flanges   Fans        Covers

Distributors       Calipers       Exhausts     Forks      Heads      Pumps

G/Box Cases     Brackets      Manifolds    Filters      Hubs       Shields

These and many more parts are suitable for Vapour Blasting. ​
If in doubt, contact us for advise on a parts suitability.

Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice or CO2 blasting is also known as cryogenic blasting or cleaning. It is similar to abrasive blasting but rather than using a media such as sand, glass, soda or plastic bead it uses small pellets of Dry Ice - The solid and extremely cold (-78c) form of Carbon Dioxide.
These pellets are nonetheless much softer than other media and will do substantially less or no substrate damage. The  process is also much faster and cleaner than ordinary solvent or brush agitation methods. We produce no mess other than that of the contaminant being removed. Dry Ice blasting is also  very environmentally friendly as it makes use of captured, condensed, compressed and pelletised carbon dioxide that has been produced as a byproduct of other industries.
Our Mobile Equipment is ready to assist with Your Business needs.

Machine Maintenance          Conveyor Systems     Dry Ice Vehicle Valeting           Injection Moulding             Carbon Deposits


Paint/Resin Stripping           Control Panels            Runway Light Cleaning           Stone/Brick Work               Printing Presses


Food Production Lines        Graffiti Removal          Monuments/Headstones         Glue/Plastic Removal        Tanks & Silos


Generators & Turbines         Cement/Asphalt          Fire & Smoke Residues          Mold/Mildew Removal        Vessels & Docks



Contact us for more Dry Ice Blasting applications


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